About Us

About My C.A.R Center In San Antonio

Welcome to My C.A.R Center, where automotive expertise meets dedication and trustworthiness. Meet Jack Carrera, the founder and driving force behind this establishment. Let us delve into Jack’s journey in the automotive world. Since his youth, cars have been his passion. What began as a fascination with engines and mechanics blossomed into a lifelong pursuit of automotive excellence. With each passing year, Jack’s love for automobiles only intensified. Determined to transform his passion into a profession, he embarked on a journey of learning and hard work. Jack dedicated countless hours to studying and mastering the intricacies of automotive repair. Along the way, he earned his certification as an ASE Master Technician, a significant milestone that validated his expertise and dedication to the craft. Fueled by a desire to excel and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Jack honed his skills in various automotive settings. From bustling repair shops to prestigious dealerships, he absorbed knowledge and experience like a sponge, always striving to push the boundaries of his capabilities.


Our Commitment To Excellence

After years of hard work and unwavering perseverance, Jack realized his dream of owning his own workshop. My C.A.R Center was born out of a vision to provide unparalleled automotive services rooted in reliability, honesty, and trustworthiness. At My C.A.R Center, Jack’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. He stands behind his word and approaches every job with dedication and integrity. Whether it’s a routine maintenance task or a complex repair job, customers can trust that their vehicles are in capable hands. Jack’s journey in the automotive industry has been one of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. He is proud to bring that same level of commitment to every customer who walks through the doors of My C.A.R Center. Thank you for considering My C.A.R Center for your automotive repair needs. Jack looks forward to the opportunity to serve you and earn your trust.